April 1st marks the first day of Child Abuse Prevention Month and at the CACF we strive to bring awareness about the child abuse in the community and how our organization can help those in need so this month is crucial to highlighting the mission we work towards everyday. The National Children’s Alliance is a national association dedicated to helping communities respond to allegations of child abuse in ways that are effective and efficient and put the needs of child victims of abuse first. The NCA states that “child abuse thrives when good people decide it is none of their business” so we support their campaign that is bringing awareness to this issue in the community. Visit their website for more information on the fight to end child abuse and how to help.

Join us this April and every month in spreading awareness and support for preventing child abuse by educating yourself and others, looking for signs of abuse and reporting when you see something. Abuse is difficult to talk about but the solution isn’t, CACF and the SNCAC work to help and heal children suffering from abuse but we can’t do it alone. Do your part this April and help us prevent child abuse.